Our Trips

Before we tell you what all we offer. Let me start by asking a few questions,
“Do you wannnna Do Something different from what you do on a daily basis?” “Do you wanna Break Free in the arms of Nature?

If Your answer is Yes! then that is all we need from you. We have been into Adventure, Travels, and Tours for over a decade(though formally registered as a company in 2010). That speaks itself for our abilities in this field I guess

Let me share with you something more important. We also lived 9 to 6 life once but then we decided to Break Free and shift to Nature forever and now it is a way of Life for Us! So, we will offer you what we have been doing ourselves for adventure, fun, rejuvenation, relaxation, etc Now…… don’t worry just call us at +91-8859979559or email us at himalayanzone@gmail.com and talk to us, we will do the rest for you!