For Corporates


For Corporates

A strong Business Case is the most crucial factor for you to choose your partner in Out of Office Activities. We completely understand that. ……please feel free to reach us at +91-9412941216, +91-8859979559 or for more details.

We don’t just verbally acknowledge & respect your investment in Organizing an Excursion, Offsite or Outbound Trainings for your employees but we value it by translating it into action through an Innovative, Scientific & Objective Learning Process (details of our process can be provided on demand).

Experiential learning clearly brings out the key skills required to succeed in todays dynamic Corporate setup – Self-initiative, Intention to learn and Ability to manage in high stress situations.

Our Experiential Learning Framework

  • Academically we have referred to Kolb’s cycle of experiential learning framework, (Ken Blanchard) and Practically we are motivated by the Indian Army Way!
  • Methods of Evaluation :
    • Observation technique
    • Target Achievement
    • Peer evaluation
    • Trainer evaluation
  • HZ Trainers and Organization representatives work together to achieve the desired & meaningful outcome.

We can help you plan


Generations of brilliant minds, naturalists and authors have documented the many benefits of spending time in Nature.

  • Stress Reduction : More than 100 research studies have shown that outdoor recreation reduces stress.
  • Meaning and Purpose : Being in nature also bestows a sense of connectedness, meaning, and purpose.
  • Heightened Awareness and Physical Activity : Outdoor settings beg for activity rather than passivity as the world is best explored on foot. Hiking through the wilderness merges a heightened sense of awareness of one’s surroundings with the need to take action to move through and be part of nature.